Goalkeepers are Number 1

Welcome to the goalkeeping blog of Balgownie Junior Football Club.

The aim of the blog is to assist all players, coaches, parents and supporters gain a better understanding of the unique needs of goalkeepers.

The goalkeeper is a unique and specialist position. It can be very difficult for team coaches to address the needs of their ‘keeper when their needs are so specialised and the coaches time is taken up addressing the more common needs of the rest of the team.

I have been coaching goalkeepers for 25 years . When coaching teams, I too have been guilty of neglecting my ‘keeper so I know how tough it can be.

I hope that information in this blog will assist coaches in dealing with this challenge  and in turn increase the quality and enjoyment of our goalkeepers.

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Thanks for visiting.

Kind Regards,

Dave Curley

Goalkeeping Coordinator

Balgownie JFC

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8 comments on “Goalkeepers are Number 1

  1. Great work Dave
    Looking forward to see in you develop this more.
    Thank you!

  2. Well done Dave
    Hoping this site is of great benefit to all Bally coaches & respective players.
    Great work

  3. Awesome Dave
    Fancy a game with the Bally over 40’s

    • Mate, if the body was able id be a starter…the knees are just about gone after 30 years of touch footy & now im paying the penalty!!

      • No worries Dave, I understand. there is many a session I think I am still 25 until my 1983 knee injury recurs and I puff and pant like Uncle Hector’s emphycema (Not that I smoke, of course I don’t – take note kids).

        Can I add this – There is nothing I will be suggesting that any adult does with their keeper that demands any athleticism on the adults part. If you can throw and roll a ball you can run a keepers session. What I really think is the best thing to do is to send another adult that attends training sessions. They can become your keeper coach. They can run some simple drills with your keeper during the first half of training then the keeper joins the rest of the team warmed up and ready to fire. They can also do the pre-match warm up on the weekend.

  4. HI Dave,
    Thanks for the opportunity. My son Michael is returning to goalkeeping after 3 years out. He plays with U16.2s. He will be coming to the session tomorrow afternoon with his coach. Where would you like us to meet you?

    • Hi Paula,

      We are at Judy Masters Oval – I guess you knew that. Sorry, I am not sure exactly where yet. As we are going to 6.00pm it will be in an area with lights. I will be setting up around 4.15 so keep an eye out. My phone number is 0435 226002. If you have not found me by 4.20 give me a call.


      ps. could you ask Michael, or his coach to bring a ball.

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